Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Poor Dolly...

It seems that whatever I try to do, she is destined to go through a few more hard times before things get better!  I put her head on just before my holidays... sighed deeply and decided some serious holiday-time thinking was in order!
She looks, to put it politely, like a pumpkin-headed scarecrow...

Back from holidays and it was obvious that hair was needed.  I found a wool called Big Softie, which has a lovely textured and is vari-width.  It looked like it could really work to provide body as well as texture, and body will be important in a head this size!

I am sewing a centre parting, directly onto dolly's head.  I decided to build the hair by laying long loops across the head, varying the lengths as I did so.

So far, it's not pretty!

Poor Dolly... it's an improvement (dare I say it)
but there is still inspiration to find, and work to be done.
The good news is, the 10 yr old approves!

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