Saturday, 17 March 2012

Crazy Hares... the last you'll see till the day itself!

The 10yr old and I had the morning to ourselves and made the most of it, finishing off the Crazy Hare Hill... well, it's 90% there, but the rest will wait for the day itself.  

For a little splash of colour we cut out a dozen tiny, four petal, flowers from red and pink felt, folded them in half and pierced them with the awl.

They were then threaded onto a length of florists wire and turned round so that their petals all faced upwards.

The wire was then bent and twisted into a stem,

and wired onto the hair band. Before being covered with florists tape.

A toothpick and cartridge paper made a great signpost, which was also attached to the hair band with wire and tape, and the 10yr old had a little test model of our handiwork.

We've also started on the final part of Hare Hill, a beautiful felt mosaic half-rainbow.  

We will attach that and show you the final result on the 29th... I'm excited, as long as I can get her hair right the 10yr olds' going to look sooo good! 

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