Friday, 16 March 2012

Crazy Hares, part 3

Yesterday afternoon I held my breath, rather a lot, as I beat up my hares attaching them to a pair of hair bands.  They are so lovely and delicate, compared to my usual sewing projects, I was rather nervous of causing irreparable damage!  As it was, things went very smoothly and I'm delighted with the results.

Once the 10yr old had decided how the hares would sit on the bands, I gently made a hole in them with an awl. 

A length of 20 gauge florists wire was folded in half and the bent end eased into the hole, and then as far up the hare as I could, for maximum stability.

Where it left the hare's foot, I gently twisted the wire and then stitched a couple of holding stitches. The two wires were then separated twisted around the hair band, either side of the hare, to hold him in place.  The 10yr old tested things....

and I covered the wires with florists tape.  The same was repeated on the second hare, who was wired through his back legs.

The 10yr old and I are now cutting out mini flowers to wire around our hares, the rainbow is still being pondered on (though the wondeful Mr S came up with a fine idea...) and I am tasked with the  signpost.  My project for this evening, I think, as the boyf is off to America for a week and the 10yr old and her friend Sarah will be watching movies and eating junk food!
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