Sunday, 25 March 2012

Pumpkin Damask!

The lovely boyf was in Chicago and Des Moines last weekend, watching rivers turn green (St Patrick's Day in Chicago looks a blast) and enjoying his Dodge Challenger; it was a proper boy's trip!  It left me busy, but in a lovely way and by week's end the 10 yr old has developed a fantastic addiction to hoovering the living room and I am utterly in love with having the dobe glued to my side.  It was something of a shock to wake up this Saturday morning facing my boyf again, rather than Megs' whiskery snout!

I was given a wonderful commission to design a wedding website for my dear friend Mr S's lovely fiancĂ©e.  To be a part of such a personal journey left me realising how well you can know your friends, and yet how little you may know them too!  It took a few goes to get it started until an utter stroke of luck and I found this clipart.  I am infinitely jealous of, the soon to be, Mr & Mrs S's ability to dance and this image is them, caught in time, a snapshot of the grace and  joyous exuberance with which they move together.  It's half built and I was finally able to show them on Thursday, I think they like!

Midweek I suddenly also got an urge to sew something.  Normally, when the boyf goes away, I start the next part of a costume but I have been feeling rather despondent about my Elizabethan costume since the farthingale fiasco and whilst I am happy with the changes that I decided upon I have let it sit for a while, while I find my feet again.  So instead I continued to use up the leftover cotton drill, this time on a cute little dress from BurdaStyle.  I very rarely make day-to-day wear for myself any more so initially it was simply going to be a "muslin" to see if I still had it in me! but it's box pleat skirt works really well in the heavier drill, I will post some photos shortly.

Finally, when buying the zip for my new dress, I had another stroke of luck.  Deep down in the remnants bin, which I never normally look in, I found this... a deep orange and russet shock of fabric (the colour is closest to that in the shade).  It got me all quite unnecessary and excitable, and at £6 for just over 2 yds, it was a bargain to boot!  I'm fairly certain, in the cold light of day, that it's not enough to do too much with, but it will feature in the costume somehow, somewhere.  Teamed with a beautiful dark grey, it should be both Halloweeny and elegant... I am excited to get stitching again!

So, roll on payday, I am eyeing up some lovely cotton lawn on ebay and have a tudor smock to make...
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