Thursday, 29 March 2012

It's Crazy Hair Day!

We were up at 6.30am, the 10yr old and I, and whilst the lovely boyf did all the morning jobs we set about creating Hare Hill.

Thanks to the lovely rockabillie and her very good video on YouTube we decided on a retro pinup style, with Victory rolls.


Not quite as good as rockabillie, my slightly lopsided first attempt still did a pretty good job of representing the rolling hills of Hare Hill, especially once we'd sprayed them glorious green!

After that it was easy, a floral clip to keep her fringe to one side and the Hare hairbands did the rest.

A quick touch up with the green hair spray and we were done...her face says it all, we were delighted!  It was really good to see our initial idea come together so well, and it could (with my lack of hair dressing skills!) could have been a stress-filled disaster!  What's more, we got third place! Hooray!! 

And to top it all off, brushed out, the hair worked well for movie night too!

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