Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A box of memories and the Nikon D90

I am a lucky girl.  I know that I'm a lucky girl.  I have my beautiful daughter, friends, family (furry, feathered and far-flung) and the lovely boyf.

There I've said it.  Done, dusted, about to be published on the interweb ;o)'s amazing what a day back at work will do, especially after a couple of weeks of Christmas cheer and goodwill, and we did have a pretty lovely time.

But, going back to the subject at hand, two of my favourite presents this year (apart from, to name a few, my Lady Gaga perfume (unexpected and really good, who would have guessed?), the vegan chocolate and lemonade making kits, the wooden chook and lots of new saucepans!) were a box of (what I thought were lost) mementos that the child had found and kept for me and a very shiny, new and achingly cool camera from the boyf. 

The box is so special, not just because of what it contains, but because the 11yr old knew that she didn't need to buy me something to give me something perfect.  It was entirely her own idea and she had obviously been plotting it for a while; she is a clever old soul sometimes, my daughter, and I am so utterly proud of her.

As for the camera.  Well, I only hope I can do it justice really, it is one amazing piece of technology.  I could never bought myself one but the lovely boyf has taken the last few Christmases as an opportunity to help me do what I love to do.  Thanks to him I have Miss G, my laptop and now the D90; all of which make my creative life easier, more enjoyable and let me broaden my horizons in the process.  He spoils me, and I would be lying if I said that I didn't like to be spoilt!, but it is about much more than that.  I know that the things that I do in my free time can get me all caught up and become consuming; they are pretty solitary and selfish pursuits.  As anyone who lives with the steady hum of a sewing machine, the click-clack of the keyboard as you google some more research or another post is thought through and typed up, or who goes for a nice walk with their beloved... trailing behind just to get "one more shot"... will tell you.  To support that, aid and abet it even, is a great gift because he knows, as well as I do, that he's lost me now for a good few more evenings; certainly until I've finished wading through the (rather scary) owners manual, and my newly acquired D90 for Dummies! 

He is, truly, a very lovely boyf and I'm a lucky gal... and yes, there will be more photos appearing on this blog :o)  Sorry folks!

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