Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sunday Morning: Tea and Corsets

This is a late post, for which I apologise, it's been a little hectic since, but all the better to remember a lovely, quiet Sunday morning spent nursing a cup of tea and fiddling with the corset pattern.

First though, back to the tea, a Christmas present from the lovely Mrs B.  It is "alcoholic", Blueberry Merlot on a Sunday morning, how decadent and just gorgeous.  I couldn't resist a photo or two.

Suitably fortified, I set about comparing the busts and discovered that although the pieces are all the same I had made two quite different shaped busts;  I did, for a few minutes, think that I'd sewn one side in back to front.  Muslin two is closer to the pattern, but muslin one suits me best.

I took the muslins apart where needed and retraced the fabric pieces onto the pattern.  I followed the same technique around the rest of the pattern, using whichever pieces (from either muslin) work best on me.  The paper pattern is looking busy and it's amazing what a difference a matter of millimetres can make.  

I've now retraced the new pieces and am going to make a third, full, muslin in a heavier weight fabric.  My final test piece.

And last but not least, an utterly gratuitous picture of Finn, proving that dogs will indeed sleep anywhere, even the 11yr old's foot! 

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