Sunday, 13 January 2013

Yuck, chicken!

It has become the stuff of legend in our house that, when the lovely boyf goes on his annual January trip to California (or, as is the case this year, Florida), those of us left behind fall foul to illness, accidents, irritations and general catastrophes ;o)

And so it is, not more than two days since he left, that I find that both the dogs have got upset stomachs.  The dobe's I can put down to the meds for her leg and, possibly also, the whole egg (shell and all) that she helped herself to from the coop yesterday morning.  The little one, who is suffering worse, I have no idea about... why, after all, would it be easy?

Switching out their usual food for a day of chicken and rice was a good first step; buying and cooking it in my now vegetarian kitchen wasn't!  The whole drive to the supermarket was spent trying to work out what type of chicken I was going to get - really, it was a major discussion point.  Luckily I tend to agree with myself and we went for diced, organic on the basis that there would be less touching required and, whilst it may seem a little daft for a pair of dogs, the quality of life of the chicken before it got diced was more important than the cost.  The meat aisle was horrible, I can do meat in small quantities but not longer en masse; the smell just gets right to me; and as for the deciding what to cook it in and with....  good lord, there has never been so much fussing!  Thanks mainly to Finn trying to climb my leg and Megs' endless anticipatory whining, I finally went for old non-stick, plastic implements and everything got washed right afterward.   What a palaver, I really am turning into a proper veggie ;o)  Lets hope it at least does the job!

In recompense, the rest of the day has been entirely vegan and dinner was a wonderful mix of HFW's leeks and cabbage in curried coconut milk; roasted cauliflower and rice.

The 11 yr old gasped when I put the plate down and said it was too beautiful to eat, I can't argue with that but went for seconds anyways :o)  We followed it up with sugared Russet apples, her invention, and an episode of Glee; perfect Sunday girls' night in.

Now, if we can have happy tums and I can think of something "just as good" for dinner tomorrow (chips and beans?!), and this is the full extent of the goings on before the boyf's return on Thursday, I will be a happy camper.  I wonder if it's going to snow, as predicted, tonight? 
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