Monday, 13 June 2011

Making the Fantail skirt... an interlude

The boyf is sometimes fondly known as the "Appliance Whisperer" at home, for his uncanny knack of making the most temperamental of electronic devices behave!  As it was yesterday evening with the iron, which positively flirted with him and stubbornly refused to work for me...

Tonight the Appliance Whisperer, is with the 9 yr old and the Dobe, whispering them around an agility course and so I hoped to plough on with my skirt.  Sadly, the iron has obviously heard of my attempt to replace it this afternoon and I have got no further than sewing the front panels to the back.  I may be a lazy seamstress at times, but I have my principles; I will not sew an unpressed seam!   It is so tantalisingly close to being finished... I couldn't resist and have pinned it back onto Miss G.  What is evident is that it will need a petticoat and possibly a trim.  Perhaps a narrow black ribbon an inch or two from the hem.  I am also going to look at some horsehair braid; traditionally used to weight and form the hem.

I feel a little vintage shopping on... I always intended to buy some vintage bloomers, I may now add a petticoat to that too :)
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