Thursday, 23 June 2011

Ooh the excitement!!

Patience was rewarded and both the petticoat and bloomers arrived today... beautifully packaged on both counts, it felt a little like Christmas! 

The bloomers fit perfectly but are so baggy at the seat that they look quite ridiculous; I don't mind admitting that they make me smile and a little ditzy!  The lace at the bottoms of the legs is just beautiful and in extraordinary condition.

The petticoat is just divine!  Too small at the waist as I knew, but I will add ribbons to tie it, I don't want to mess with the gather at the waistband.  It is very full and sits under my fantail skirt very nicely; adding real fullness to the front of the skirt.  I will need to use horsehair braid on the hem of the skirt, but that's no great shame; I am secretly pleased to get the chance to try this out!  And although lightly stained, the petticoat looks lovely, the construction is amazing and there are no tears or holes.  It is a beautiful piece of sewing, I could almost be tempted to wear it as a skirt...

And no... I couldn't resist a can-can moment, but the legs seriously need a tan!!

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