Sunday, 5 June 2011

TV225... the start of a Fantail Skirt

I have my fabulous fabric, have thrifted together the other pieces I need (bias binding, ribbon for ties etc.) from my stash and having looked at everything for at least two weeks now, I am finally ready to make one Victorian Fantail skirt :)

One stumbling block was that my measurements fell exactly between too sizes; another was that the pattern would need to be lengthened.  Both minor, minor details, I know!; but when preparing to cut your New York bought material, with no hope of getting more should you make a mistake... well, my brain needed to procrastinate!

So, all sorted.  I did not want to cut the original patterns and have instead spent a happy evening sellotaping together some sheets of tracing paper (with the sellotape that the Dobe hadn't managed to chew through, she does so love to help!) and cutting out my new, longer pattern pieces...
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