Thursday, 30 June 2011

Panic, whilst the Dobe sleeps

I have block!

At this rate the 10 yr old will be 11 before she has thank you cards to write and, more importantly, my dear friend Miss M is off on maternity leave next Tuesday and its not that I can't think of anything to make, its that I have an increasing pile of half-mades all looking at me!

I am making in uninspired "surely this will be the one" desperation; on the plus side, I have at least two potential presents for my mother (she says with cheeky grin!)

Miss M was our new chook's original mum; little red hen no.2, far right.  Chooks, chooks, chooks... they're all I can think about but, given that she's rehomed her last one with me partly due to her new arrival, I can't decide if anything chook-related would be suitable.  I think attempt no. 4 (?!?) needs to be something poultry, if only to get it out of my system!

The Dobe, in the meantime, is feeling my pain, I'm sure...  We call her Kanga for her bouncy nature, but that tail's not far off either!
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