Wednesday, 15 June 2011

That didn't take long....

eBay and I are becoming best friends this week!  I had a quick browse for bloomers and petticoats, not expecting to find anything, and was instantly caught by these.  The bloomers are in near mint condition and I think that the detailing at the bottom of the leg is just so pretty; delicate but not fussy, suits me nicely.

The petticoat caught my eye immediately with the its fantastically broad band of pleats.  It is that level of detail, on even the simplest of undergarments, which draws me to Victorian clothing.  It is so beautifully constructed.  The waistband is too small, but the gather is so tight that I can easily adjust it if I need to.  The fullness should work well under my skirt and will answer the horsehair braid issue.  It is in need of a wash as it looks to be rust stained in places but I have experience of washing vintage clothing so I am hopeful of being able to work a little magic.  Either way it was too beautiful a piece to turn down for a little staining.

So, all done.  For almost exactly the same amount as patterns and fabric would have cost, I will soon be the proud owner to some original Victoriana.  It was important from the outset to have at least one original piece as part of the whole outfit.  I am making this costume as authentically as I can because part of the reasoning behind it is to be able to truly experience dressing as a Victorian lady would; I do not want to be responsible for a pastiche.  This feels like a very good step in the right direction.
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