Wednesday, 2 November 2011

7 Billion and Me!

I love facts and details and statistics, so when I spotted on the BBC News website a little calculator which could tell me where I come in the 7 billion of us that now inhabit this planet, I had to have a look.  So, where do I come in all of this?  The answer is 3,996,400,760th.  More astoundingly, they can tell me that I am the 78,314,786,509th person to have lived since history began.  The boyf went next and is the 4,676,113,840th and 79,398,145,545th person alive; and the 10yr old is the 6,196,400,082nd and 81,835,526,486th respectively.  I know it's not exact - that it may be pretty darn inaccurate really - but to have just an idea of a number is, to me, pretty cool!

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