Thursday, 10 November 2011

Live, Laugh, Love

Its been a glass half empty day which was a shame because glass half empty days are not very productive and I'd had plans for my Thursday afternoon off...  However, as luck would have it, my recent purchases arrived in the post.  I buy the Laugh Lines calendar every year, it makes me smile every time I look at it.  Normally, I don't remember to buy it until late December, but this year I am strangely organised.  I also carry round half a dozen notebooks each year with my lists and thoughts and scribbles and jottings, and had decided that for 2012 I would instead treat myself to the date book from the companion Live with Intention range.  With storage space, month to a page, week to a page and extra notes pages, I think it may do the trick and keep me a little more organised than all my notebooks do!  We'll soon see.. In the meantime, I am curled up in front of the fire in my lovely new slippers (not yet chewed by Megs, a rare treat!), with a glass of red, and am taking a sneak peak at my purchases, no better antidote to a glass half empty day than wise words and beautiful artwork to remind you what is truly important.

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