Tuesday, 15 November 2011

American Girl Doll Dress Patterns

The boyf is going to be away again (a week in South Africa, not a bad gig!) and so I need a little something to do.  I have been pondering on clothing for Dolly for a while now; it's a back of the head thought, tucked way down under a pile of others, but there in the background nevertheless.  I find so many patterns for dolls clothing disappointing; a series of rectangles gathered together to create the illusion of shape and some basic detailing thrown in at the end.  I know that its just "dolls clothes" but I wanted more than that and was looking for vintage patterns.  Thanks to Barbs Craft Books I discovered a page of pdfs of American Doll patterns; mini wardrobes for particular dolls.  Now I am no AG fan, they are really not my thing, and I was going to click straight past but I am glad I didn't because the patterns are delightful.  There's a story about each doll, explaining why she would wear each item in the pattern, and the clothes are detailed pieces of craftsmanship: the jacket I am contemplating is lined and laced, and another pattern for a Regency dress included interchangeable stomachers.  I can imagine that many a happy girl has thoroughly enjoyed picking new outfits for her AG doll and many a happy mother has also enjoyed the small challenge of sewing them.  I have printed the Felicity pattern; it will require some adjusting to fit, but that will be part of the fun... I have tonight to Friday night to get Dolly dressed.
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