Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cue Cards... or Love Notes?

There is definitely a word for this week, a theme, a tagline: compromise, cooperation, compassion, communication… I can’t pin point it, but it’s certainly not crafts! 

But sometimes life throws a curveball and its at those times that you need to focus past your own nose and the list of want-to-do’s that otherwise keep you very happily occupied.

That said, I have one Christmas project nearly completed, I can tell you more about it next week and I made the lovely boyf a little present today: Cue Cards!

They are hardly my most creative works, though I quite like the bow and the “can be hung anywhere” clip ;o), but they are fun and could prove useful one day.  I don’t know about any other wonky-thyroidists, but I have times when I bottom out; exhaustion hits at full force and everything crumbles, all I can do is try to sleep and eat and wait to come out the other side again.  One of the worst side-effects is a complete inability to communicate in anything other than grouchy grunts and glares, sometimes for a good few days.  I have it on good authority that, at such times, I am not that much fun to be around!

I am a work in progress and learning to deal differently; and like “ice-breakers” at dinner parties, I hope that these little cards will help me climb out of the brain fog and make the whole process of communicating a little easier… plus I threw in a few silly and naughty ones, just for the laugh.  The boyf and I have a history of love notes, some more unusual than others (the plastic lizard in the bathroom is one of my favourites, but a whole other story), and these are an extension of that because his patience with, and care of, me through the whole sorry saga since wonky-t turned our lives upside down has been a true declaration of love.  I hope one day to not be talking about all of this because I don’t need to, rather than because I’m embarrassed by myself and maybe my little cards will help…

Love notes, however romantic, naughty or prosaic they may be, the act of sharing that secret communication reminds you of your place in each other’s lives and hearts.  So find some card, labels, post it notes, the back of a till receipt!;  think of a dozen or so things that you want to say – even if it is, as in my case, “I’m doing the housework, no need to help” – and use them with abandon…

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