Friday, 18 November 2011

Pudsey... a crisis averted!

As 10yr olds are occassionally wont to do, I was only told at 7.30 yesterday morning about today's Pudsey/spotty-themed dress down day at school.  Sadly, for the 10yr old, on 24hrs notice it wasn't possible to buy anything officially Pudsey.  Now the 10yr old is not spoilt, she has nice things and as the lastest in a long line of want to be hoarders she keeps things way past their "sell by" date, but I have conciously brought her up to appreciate the value of her possessions in terms of quality not quantity.  In many ways, my daughter is a little old-fashioned in her outlook and I am very proud of that fact.  On the drive home I thought through the craft stash and was pretty pleased when I came up with an alternative Pudsey plan, and genuinely surprised when she looked borderline mortified at the thought of going into school wearing something that wasn't "printed".  After a lecture about the value of money, the fact that we could donate the saved pounds directly to the charity where it would go further, a pep talk about being proud of herself and her creative abilities... jeez I'm an annoying mother some days!... and with the back up of the wonderful Mr S who was prepared to combine felt circles with a maths lesson we got out the felt, the glue, the paint and the results are here to see...  I'm not entirely sure she is completely happy with our creation, the desire to conform is still outweighing her pride in her creativity, but she's wearing it and smiling!

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