Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I learnt to cross stitch as a young girl and it is still one of my favourite past times.  Not that I do it very often, but put a piece of it anywhere near me and I can't help myself as the poor 10yr old will tell you when I was "teaching" her!

The reason I don't do it very much is because I rarely find a pattern that gets me all excitable, I'm not a fan of pictorial stitching and there's only so many samplers you can make, and one day I will make a sofa full of cushions, but deciding on exactly which ones is a long and complicated business! ;o)

But the other day, a very good friend posted a beautiful piece of calligraphy on FB and it got me thinking.   I don't currently have any graph paper on me to draw up my own chart (possibly my most favourite part of any stitching project) and so I googled quickly and found a new favourite  For free, in a variety of sizes and stitch counts, and in your choice of thread manufacturer, they will draw up a full colour chart complete with thread listing.  I was amazed!  It makes you want to find any picture, of anything, and run it through their programme, just because you can!

Those cushions may not be so far off after all....

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