Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Tudor Lady's Wardrobe

Once in a blue moon the simplest things can be a wonderful surprise, and so it was when I spoke to Paul of Paul Meekins Military and History Books.  I don't know what I expected when I called, but I certainly didn't expect the immediate connection, the easy camaraderie, the utter pleasantness of the few minutes that I spent placing my order for his final copy of Margo Anderson's The Tudor Lady's Wardrobe.  I thoroughly enjoyed my long-distance purchase and it's such a rarity to be able to say that!

And so, as promised, I got my copy of the patterns in the post this afternoon and have been happily browing.  Of note is the 100 page guide, which is essentially a pictorial instruction manual with detailed notes about fabrics, trims and construction methods.  With time and care, almost any level of sewer could make an outfit following these instructions; they are extraordinary in their detail.

On a side note, I have returned the narrow gauge hooping; I could carry on as planned but my gut says that it would be a waste.  Also, with the benefit of a couple more days looking at it, I can't help but be concerned about it's size...  a 4m circumference makes it pretty interesting trying to move about my little cottage!  Back to the drawing board and some more research on the Alcega Farthingale I think.
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