Tuesday, 7 May 2013


This is another thank you to the lovely KW who, once again, inspired me into action!  Recent pictures on FB of her beautiful furniture restorations, combined with a Bank Holiday (and therefore time for a project) had me eyeing up our old sideboard again.  It was bought with the full intention of restoring it; I think I even foolishly said at the time that it would be done "before it went in the house".... three years and counting, it was sadly overdue a facelift.  Sticking to the rules of last time, I didn't buy anything for this project, luckily I had some leftover eggshell paint from the wardrobe repaint and know that it is the perfect colour for our little house. 

The boyf helped me drag it outside before spending the day getting sunburnt at golf... and it was a lovely sunny day, with the radio on, the chooks clucking away and the dogs happy to sunbathe in the garden.

I thought that all the grooves and fluted details would be a nuisance to paint and that I would struggle to remove the varnish and the hinge covers, but it all went surprisingly well.  Apart from a little stray pony excitement during our walk, it was a nice relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The first coat of paint
The fifth coat of paint!

I was a little nervous about a single cream piece of furniture in our otherwise dark-wood-fest dining room but I am pleased with the results... it has my eyeing up a couple of other bits now!  It also proved to be a nice opportunity to put a couple of extra pieces on display; the Buddha suddenly looked lonely on the right hand side, so my lovely (Christmas, but they smell so good!) candles and Chinese pots finally get a proper place to sit.  I also love the light and dark, blues/greens and reds/browns contrast going on. 

KW meanwhile did some wonderful work on upholstering a chair... I wonder if I could borrow you sometime to sort the rest of my house out?! ;o)
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