Monday, 27 May 2013

The Greenhouse, part 2

We have fully embraced some Bank Holiday weekend DIY, the lovely boyf and I, and ploughed on with the greenhouse.  Yesterday was spent mostly painting (me) and cutting the wood trim for the windows (lovely boyf), then we waited....  I hung my beautiful Indian mirror, which has been languishing in the garage, and planted out the tomatoes and beans that I was very kindly given this week.

The hanging basket needed to be redone, I'm testing a linen cloth liner... it saved a trip to the shops!

The lovely boyf continued his campaign to bring order to the garage, installing these amazing under counter drawers.  Ok, ok, so the drawers are not that amazing, but what they can hold is!  Gone are the boxes and boxes of muddled up tools, replaced by lots of lovely order :o)

I even managed some sewing, putting the second pair of gussets in in the corset.  It was a lovely, sun-filled and productive day. 

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