Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Corset takes shape!

I went off piste on Thursday, utterly and fabulously off piste!  In one minute there were four bits of corset, 20 minutes later there was one.  It was entirely unplanned and all the better for it; for one, I've been wondering how to finish what could be very thick, and rather obtrusive, seams.  Just getting to that point, and doing, gave me the answer.  The seams are sewn through all three layers and then trimmed to 3-4mm from the stitch line.  And, as long as each seam was trimmed back before adding another piece, although bulky,  it was surprisingly neat and easy to sew together.  So simple... I do wonder why my brain so likes to over-think things sometimes.  Once the seams are finished with bias-binding they'll be as neat as they are secure.

And, with all sorts of finishing still to be done, there it is... a tiny piece of nearly finished pinned to Miss G.  It's even holding a shape and its really interesting to see how the hip pieces are looking; they stand quite proud of Miss G's hips and I'm keen to see what happens when the other pieces are sewn in.

This, meanwhile, is how I found Megs... her very own fabric appreciation, I like how she tucked herself in!

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