Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Greenhouse... my re-purposed dog run

For a while now, I have been planning a little re-purposing.  Megan's old dog run, which is a lovely Dutch Barn shape, was too nice to sit unused and I decided to turn it into a greenhouse.  Well, half a greenhouse, the other side of the roof sits under our elderflower tree and would get so little sunlight that we decided not to mess with it.  The sunny side of the run would be the greenhouse, the shady side will be our log store.

The roof was tongue and groove covered in roofing felt.  A few of weeks ago we peeled the felt back, cut out the tongue and groove, leaving the overhang at the bottom intact for stability, and exposed the beams.  We also removed the wire mesh from the sides and front. I've since painted the beams with black gloss paint and am slowly working round the rest of the building with white.

My original plan was to then insert traditional twinwall polycarbonate panels, but the boyf had a different idea.  He knows a man who can, and ordered made to measure clear polycarbonate panels instead, including a pre-shaped roof panel.  I wasn't sure about the roof panel but changed my mind the instant it went up.  It is glorious, and I love the contrast between its clean starkness and the wood beneath.  The panel rests on the wood overhang and the beams, we fixed it to them by drilling holes through it and nailing it in place with roof cleats.  I say we, I mean the boyf!  Here's a few photos.

What a view :o)

The boyf then set about tidying up the inside for me, hiding the gaps where the insulation was put etc.

I did what any sensible woman does during couples DIY: handed over the tools, found the nails and screws, and tidied up behind him! 

I was certainly dressed the part!

And there's that view again, whilst the panels are still clean and mirror-like shiny new.

I also recycled the last leftovers of our grass into three mats for the floor, prettier than what was there and easy to lift and shake out if they get too grubby.

I'm pulling together a few bits for the workbench too, as much as possible will be recycled. We need wooden trim for the front windows but hopefully they will go in next weekend and the bench can be put up.  I think I may also cover what's left of the felt with something a little nicer... we'll see, but it seems a shame not to as everything else looks so much better.

In the meantime, just outside the greenhouse, the alliums stuck their heads up sometime last week...

Perfect inspiration to grow something equally wonderful inside!

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