Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Trouble in chookville?

We're not yet sure, but it seems that my lovely Sili could be a boy... and I'm not yet entirely sure what to do if that is the case!  As with most things animal related, everyone has their opinion and advice, none of which is proving conclusive, so until Sili either lays an egg or crows we will have to wait with baited breath. 

What I do know is that (s)he's now settling in beautifully with Macy.  Pre POL pullets definitely have brought a whole new dimension to my hen keeping.  It is lovely to watch them learning and growing up, I had not realised just how different they would be to the older girls (who were all at POL which is 10 weeks older than these two).  Calming them is very much a work in progress, they're still completely flightly at times and you can't help but worry that they might hurt themselves.  Treat times though are particulalry funny as they now recognise a good thing when it's coming but don't know whether to run or stay; if you've never seen a chicken dither, its an endearing sight!  They have also now got the hang of their training perch; there's still the odd wobble, but they will settle quite happily.  I knew that chooks will instinctively perch, I didn't realise that it would take them such a while to get the hang of it! 

So, the now SiliStu, in honour of StuStella who looks like the kind of roo Sili could aspire to be, has some clarifying to do and quickly please: the slightest sound from the girls in the morning, which is not long after 6am, and I'm wide awake waiting for that first possible crow!  I honestly don't know what it would mean long term, a roo was never part of the plan but, when I called the breeder for advice and was told nothing more useful than that they'd kill him for me, it cemented my initial thoughts... SiliStu is part of the gang and has a right to life, (s)he's certainly not inconvenient or disposable! 

That said, I'd be lying if I tried to deny that my fingers are firmly crossed ;o)
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