Monday, 22 April 2013

A few things that I forgot....

I forgot to mention the lovely boyf's genius moment!  The doubled over florists wire was struggling down the longer channels on the first of the larger pieces that I was cording.  It took him all of a nanosecond to appraise the situation and come up with the solution; thank you!  I didn't think a single length of wire would be strong enough but, for the most part, it slips straight down the channel and the tiny loop at the end is no wider than the bend of the doubled over piece.  So darn simple.... why didn't I think of that?!?

What I need now is some corset bones, I "measured" up last night and ordered them today. There's a certain amount of guesswork in the measuring; length was fine but width is a matter of judgement, in all cases I've gone for narrower widths.  They should be here by Wednesday, we'll see then how I did...

But, in the meantime, my spoon busk has arrived!  It fits the pattern piece perfectly but I'm not entirely sure how it fits me! It is certainly interesting but it looks just gorgeous and I love the shape; I've read a few posts that say they're a pain to fit and not worth the extra hassle.  I do hope it's not the case as, so far, its surpassed my expectations.

And finally, the Pak Choi experiment continues.  Out of the water, the rotting edges trimmed back and potted on.

It's joined the rest of the growing things on the kitchen windowsill... I really need my greenhouse ;o) and we'll see what happens.  The second, smaller, Pak Choi are still in water and in the sunnier spot vacated by these little guys.  I think they need to be a little more established before potting on, but am also slightly worried that they may not make it that far; fingers firmly crossed.

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