Saturday, 6 April 2013

"Lazy" Days...

Why is it that on lazy days there is always so much to do?!  The first half of this weekend I have to myself, the lovely boyf is golfing (a pre-birthday treat) and the 11yr old is at her father's.  Luckily for me she left the contents of her ski bag to be washed; a whole week of skiing, the dogs are fascinated by the wafting smells!  It's keeping me, and the washing machine, busy... and there are errands to do, pet food to buy - always "oh, the large bag please!" in our house, the chooks to sort out and a little DIY, if I can get my hands on a drill.  I may even squeeze some gardening in somewhere, my newly planted fruits are budding and surviving (so far, touch wood) the frosts, I love to go and tidy up around them; nothing useful in my gardening, just an opportunity to oogle the possibilities.  Or, as my Grandmother would have said, "tend".  Yes, I think I will tend to my garden today; what a wonderful word that is.  In the meantime, the dogs are doing their bit, we were up at 6am, bright and breezy; well, I may be after my second cup of tea, and they are patiently waiting for its consumption before nudging to go out for their walk.  And the day looks to be a glorious one, which is a blessing.  It has been miserable still and snowed all day Thursday, I felt a mild panic that we would never see the end of this winter, but today (the boyf truly has all the luck) the sun is shining and, although the wind is freezing, if you get out of it you get a hint at the warmth of our summer to come.  And I, for one, am hoping for a hot one.

So have a good weekend everyone, whatever it may hold, and if the sun is out... enjoy!

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