Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Our new feathered girls...

The other excitement of Sunday, was the arrival of our new girls... a post-swim treat for both of us!  Yes, going from one back to four chooks was a bit of a palaver (and yes, I know I'm downplaying it rather a lot too...) but ever since they settled I have been thinking that six would be a good number.  It's not completely without reason, my oldest girl, Etta, is absolutely and magnificently in her prime, but she's coming up for 5 and, should anything happen, we would be left with Tilda the Bossy and the two little girls.  Spreading out the flock a little more would give us all a little leeway if anything untoward should happen.

Keeping with the mix and match nature of our little flock and at the mercy of the 11 yr old, who had complete voting rights as a treat for her swimming prowess, we went for two new breeds: a Sicilian Buttercup and a Crested Cream Legbar.  The Sicilian, "Silli", is an extremely rare breed who will grow into a smaller sized large fowl and has a temperament to match Tiny the Game Hen.  The Legbar, "Macy Gray" (you'll see why!) is a beautiful, blue-egg laying, little girl.  Both girls are 11 weeks old, much younger than we've had before, but that too was deliberate as Goldie is broody at the moment and could use someone to mother!

Initial introductions went well, though the littlies are separated from the bigger girls for now as they eat different food and need to settle, bond and grow a little before I integrate them completely.  There was some of the usual argy-bargy but mostly just a lot of squawking. Megs was beside herself, desperate to say a proper hello to the newbies and restore order with everyone else.  The rest of the afternoon was spent drinking tea, calming Megs and chook watching in the sunshine... wishing we had ear plugs :o)  

So here's everybody...

Etta, our Grande Dame
Tilda, the Bossy
Gorgeous, Grumpy Goldie
Timy Tempah aka Terror now that someone smaller than her has appeared!
Silli Buttercup, not the most flattering photo but too cute not to post!
And last, but not least, the beautiful Macy Gray... she sings too!
I know we're biased, but aren't they a gorgeous bunch?!  I do love my chooks.  I am so looking forward to the experience of caring for these new little girls and seeing them grow and bond with the older girls.

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