Friday, 26 April 2013

Corset, corset, corset...

It's been a long week, mainly of my own making with the late nights studying, and I am determined to relax and get an early night tonight, but I couldn't resist a bit more work on the corset.  One thing I wanted to do was to check the new bones and whether they are a good fit, and the other thing was to move onto the side panels which run down the centre of the hip panels that I have made.  It is the first combination of cording and spiral boning and I was keen to see how that worked.  I am a  little in love with spiral boning by the way, I just love the flexibility of it, it makes me want to just keep testing all the things it could do!

So, a quick look at the bones, I think they'll be fine.  In some respects, they will have to be as they are the narrowest width that I can get, but the widths I think will work well with the width of the pieces.  The seams themselves will hold the bones in snugly enough and I can decoratively stitch them in place at the top.  Well, that's the plan at least!

On to the side panels.  Laying the bones in place I marked the channel for the bones on either edge of the panel.

Then, as the gap between the bone channels was quite narrow, I marked in the lines for the cording.  Not my best thought, more later...

Sewn in, with the cording and bones in place, the cording did not work.  Never mind that it was wonky, the channels were too big and the cording wasn't tight enough.  Even with the boning it was far too flexible.  I spent the next 45 minutes unpicking!

And went back to sewing the cording channels in the old way.  I really didn't think that there was enough space for 4 lines of cording but I was wrong and the effect of that extra run of cording is noticeable.

The only thought I do have is that I could possibly have (should possibly have?) ordered wider bones for this panel.  If you look at the picture there are three lines of cording.  The next size up in boning width and it probably would work but I'm not that fussed, and definitely not unpicking it all again!  Just a mental note for the next time ;o)  What interests me most about this little observation is that the images in Corsets & Crinolines really aren't illustrations but very detailed road maps; if you read them properly that is!

And I'm late to bed... g'night everyone.

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