Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I'm just itchin' to get stitchin!

Whoop whoop!  It's happened!  Spring is finally here and with it, my itchy fingers!  I am desperate to get sewing again, it's been far too long.  I have thoughts of dresses, skirts, tops for the 11yr old, but what I need to be focused on, just for a little at least, is my poor, ignored corset and it's the thought of teaching myself to cord that's getting me all excitable!

So last night I dragged myself away from the late evening sun, ignored the whining dobe (boy was she in a funk), poured a small JD&DC (helped with the whining) and started cutting pattern pieces for the corset.  

When I dyed the linen I did not bother to unpick it from it's former skirt state a) out of laziness! and b) because I wanted to see what effects I could create.  The first job was to unpick it, iron the creases (ooh, the cabbage smell is still there...) and take a few quick photos in the garden; finally you get a hint of it's true colours.  The waist seam and darts created some interesting effects, maybe not the darts themselves but the patterns either side of the folds.

Cutting the pattern pieces is (I'm half way through) proving to be really good fun.  The two patches of purple/blue/green in the picture above will be used for the centre back panels of the corset.  Other pieces were placed to make the most of the various other whorls and burn marks on the rest of the fabric and the last pieces, the background pieces, if you like, are "matched" so that they don't clash, but blend, with each other.

Each piece was drawn around in pencil (linen + tailors chalk = dust!), when building this corset straight lines and exact measurements will be a must, and pinned to two layers of black cotton drill.  I have decided not to use a coutil layer on this corset, I think that the cording (of which there is lots) should give me enough shape.  I think that coutil would make it too stiff and whilst I still want a strong shape, my whole attitude to this corset is softening: the colours, the textures, the construction.  My Selene is becoming a less warrior, more nurturing, goddess.  (And, if all else fails, I buy some coutil and line the corded top layers with it!)

The last pieces to cut tonight and then a few test corded pieces (little dance!)  Having googled the various options for cord, I am going to try my faithful cotton twine.  I quite like that it will make an appearance in yet another costume; I should start a "100 things to do with.." list :o)

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