Sunday, 21 April 2013

Regrowing Pak Choi, an experiment

I have recently become a fan of the gorgeous 17 Apart site and their great tutorials on regrowing certain vegetables, I decided to have a go with a couple of pak choi bases and have been keeping a daily photographic record.  I'm also having a play with a couple of thumbnail gallery tutorials that I found and this is my first attempt, thanks to the good folk at Southern Speakers.  If it works as it should, clicking on a thumbnail should open them up to full size.

I now need to plant my pak choi on and see if it will carry on growing as happily as it has done to date and I have further experiments to try with celery, green onions and possibly, maybe an avocado tree... it looks so gorgeous on their site and if I do ever get my greenhouse finished (a whole other post) I will need things to grow in it!

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