Sunday, 9 October 2011

The 1880 Dinner Jacket - I'm finishing this today!

So, 8.33am on a Sunday morning.  Can no longer "sleep" concertinaed around the dog and the boyf, plus I am having some very odd dreams, a sore throat and 36 pieces of fabric, 10 bones and a couple of yards of boning tape waiting for me.  Not all immediately connected, but enough to get me out of bed!

Yesterday was going to be "sewing day".  Instead it ended up being gardening day, dog kennel day (she has a fake grass floor inside and out now! I love it!), wash and dry all the bedding in a day day, grocery shopping day, chatting at the garden centre day, "I will get these vegan brownies to work" day (and they did!), and pop into the pub for a quick drink and a chat day.  A very good day it was too!

Somewhere towards the end of it all, I cut out the remaining pattern pieces for the jacket (the fashion fabric pieces); ironed them to the interlining - the heat bonds them together, ever so lightly, and as we sat to watch "Limitless" I basted them together as they are now (the instructions are very specific on this) to be treated as a single piece.

Caught cutting, with my serious face on ;o)
Pairing the pieces together.
Some gentle bonding with a warm (no steam) iron, before pinning.
Basting, basting, basting...
Megs kept herself entertained!

So, back to today.  Its cold, it's wet, it's a perfect day to get this jacket sewn... Let the sewing commence.
From 46 pieces to one...

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