Saturday, 15 October 2011

Rascal and Dexter, showing us how it's done

I love my animals, little or large, and it is hard to see that Dexter isn't well.  He's an old guinea pig and he's outlived his brother by a year or so; the decline has been gradual but I think we are nearing the end.  He still has good moments but sits mostly facing a corner and is not eating or drinking unless I intervene.  This morning I was intervening when Rascal came along and reminded me again that he is a cat with a very special soul.  

He nuzzled and licked, sat next to Dexter on the counter, shared his breakfast biscuits and Dexter looked almost like his old self again for a few lovely moments.  I put the camera on the counter, on timer, to try and get some pictures for the 10yr old: I love this one, just as I wrapped Dexter back up to take him back to his cage, Rascal leaned in for a final nuzzle; he is a very good cat!
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