Friday, 14 October 2011

It feels like a wasted week

Yuck, have I been ill this week!  The first cold of the season, thanks to the good folk in my office.  Unexpectedly, and in hindsight how silly of me to be surprised, it effected the thyroid and I've had four days of nausea, retching and lots of other luverly stuff on top of the sniffles, snuffles and bunged up ears.  Plus the lovely boyf was in Stuttgart, so the dobe and the 10yr old did their best to nurse me better, which mainly involved Pepsi Max, the Karate Kid and lots of slobbery kisses!  Gotta love them.

Now, cold kicked mostly into touch and thyroid back behaving, I am itching to get cracking again.  I had a day off yesterday to take the 10yr old on a couple of secondary school tours for next September; we picked the one where she walked round with her eyes on stalks as opposed to the one where she was bored in the first 10 minutes...  In the gap in between I put the second sleeve on the Dinner Jacket; it fit first time, the right length and everything - this makes me nervous! :o)   At the end of the day, the 10yr old helped me to pin and cut the pattern pieces for her Halloween dress.  Finally, at 6am this morning (sleep having eluded me for nearly an hour and the dobe's attentions proving a bit too much) I decided to play with yet another idea for the LBD as I really would quite like to wear it tomorrow night; if I can get it to work.

All a bit scatty and no photos taken, but I will do better tomorrow... maybe ;o)
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