Wednesday, 5 October 2011

"To be is to do." ~ Nietzsche

"To do is to be." ~ Kant
"Do Be Do Be Do." ~ Sinatra

I am, I sure as heck have been doing, and who can resist a good sing'n hum in the process!

Not only do I have the lining and interlining pieces now cut out for the Dinner Jacket;
I have cut out the the pattern pieces for the 10yr old's costume - I don't recommend pink children's scissors for that job!

I took an hour out yesterday to give a crow a top hat and decorate a Halloween bucket, my friend Grahame's 44th birthday present has a "Grown Up Trick or Treat" theme to it this year.

I've started on the Dobe's costume too.  To be honest, I have cheated on this one (shop bought and, technically, I lied when I confirmed that I knew it was unsuitable for a child under 36 months!) but getting her an outfit is one thing, bribing her enough so that she's happy to wear it is a whole other matter.  I have prepared well... this year we have both time and treats!

and, my bones arrived!  I do get stupidly excited, but they just reinforce the whole "other-worldy" aspect of my Victorian costume.  This is good though, I am over the hump of nerves and just want to crack on with it now; the boyf has already been told that the dining room and I are both out of bounds this weekend ;o)

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