Sunday, 2 October 2011

Good Lord! It's October already!

It's left me in a bit of a panic... our Halloween party is now only 20 odd days away.  We have so much to sort for the party; I have the 10yr old's costume to make; the Dinner Jacket has me sufficiently nervous that I keep putting it off, but I don't have enough time left to do that any more; and the LBD may not have made it to one party, but I have the Charity Ball on the 15th for which it would be good and it is now so firmly on my internal to do list, it will be a distraction till it's done.

So, tonight I got busy... randomly so, but I'm going with something being better than nothing! :o)

I have taken the skirt off of the LBD; it is now back to a bodice and I have more fabric to play with.

I then moved on to the Dinner Jacket.  Taking measurements from the mock-up I have placed an order for the boning and some white boning tape.  Hopefully this will be with me mid-week.

I amended, and trimmed, the necessary pieces from the Dinner Jacket, based on the pinned mock-up that the lovely Mrs B and I produced.

I then cut out the lining pieces, I've picked a cream cotton; the same colour as the twill skirt.

After the lining was all cut, I started to mark out the pieces on the interlining.  I am using the left-over canvas from the Corset project.  I am marking out the pieces as the top fabric will be basted to it before I start to construct the jacket and as the canvas will be the main structure of the jacket, I want this to be as accurate as possible. 

Finally, I decided on a name for Dolly - who sits by the sewing machine happily watching me fuss - she is called Fryda, from "fryd" the Norwegian for "joy".   

At 9.30pm I called it a day.  More tomorrow.

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