Saturday, 15 October 2011

The plan for today

I have occasionally been accused of being scatty (who me!) and this week a couple of people have commented on the amount of things that I have going on at once.  I do, I always do.  I like to think through a project for as long as it takes to feel right, so I like to juggle a number at once.  But it's not without structure or planning; it's just that I don't often talk about it.  So, today, here's the plan:
  1. Clean
  2. Work on the detailing of the Dinner Jacket
  3. Final fit the Dinner Jacket
  4. Sew in the ruffle and lining of the Dinner Jacket
  5. Redress Miss G in the LBD
  6. Fit the new skirt design to the LBD and final fit 
  7. Finish the LBD (please!! fingers firmly crossed that this skirt works...)
  8. Put the Victorian costume back onto Miss G for continued work... if I have time.
Optional extras include starting the bodice of the 10yr old's costume and the ruffle for the Overskirt.

The cleaning is done; the detailing is done, now off to fit... there's only one slight problem; the boyf has gone to do the shopping and I've never tried to dress myself Victorian stylie without help before!
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