Saturday, 15 October 2011

Cleaning, cleaning and ironing!

I woke up early this morning, mind full of ideas for the various bits I'm working for, came downstairs to a glorious sunny Autumn morning, and spent the next 2 hours ironing and cleaning...

  I don't yet have my own work space, but note the yet folks, the lovely boyf is working on converting the garage into a work space for me, so I take over the dining room.  Luckily I have a understanding family and they work around my creative clutter, but I can not work in a mess.

There is a huge difference between the clutter that creating can make (and mine has order, even if it is only visible to me) and dirt or mess.  The sun streaming through the windows only served to highlight that they needed a clean and the dust rising in the air around me.  That, and the ironing box was overflowing, I couldn't work in it.

It's a throwback to my Chinese upbringing, dirt and mess are just bad Feng Shui; they clutter your mind whether you realise it or not.  I will have to work quicker today, but it's worth it, I will certainly work better.
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