Saturday, 1 October 2011

The LBD Shelf Bust Build

Sometimes you have to listen to the voice, even when its saying "Get Up and Sew" at 6.30am on a Saturday morning!  And that is how I found myself cutting strips out of the last 1/4 yd of black faux silk and doing what I love, playing with fabric!

A simple waistband/belt was not good enough, a cummerbund a little less so... I really wanted to replicate those beautiful 50's bodices with the curved waistband detailing.

Somewhere in the back of the brain I'd got a plan and so this morning, green tea in hand and the Rugby World Cup on the TV, I cut and pinned and sewed.

The tulle skirt keeps getting further up the skirt!  I left it in place to use as a marker pinned individual 2" wide (4" unfolded) strips into place, following the curve of the bust.

Three layers later, I hand stitched these very lightly in place, a stitch every 2-3 inches and as hidden as possible.

The final layer was triangular, at the top of the bust it covers the other pieces, tiding them up.  At the front it crosses over, rather like a waistcoat would; and at the base it will line up with the belt which runs under the rest of the bodice.

Three hours (and we won the rugby) later and I have a finished bodice.  I just have to figure out the skirt now.  There is, however, a little nag at the back of my mind... the tulle.  The more I do, the more I think about a full silk skirt.  Problem is, the boyf keeps saying the same thing too - he just doesn't like tulle! - and whilst I will sometimes ignore myself, I can not ignore the both of us.  I have a feeling this dress is going to go through a great deal more before I'm done with it.  

It wasn't going to happen before tonight though, so as penance for his seeds of doubt, the boyf took me dress shopping!

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