Sunday, 9 October 2011

So near... but unfinished

I'm probably 80% done, but I did not finish the jacket today.  It was an inauspicious start to the afternoon's sewing: the first darts were too deep and had to be resewn; the second ones, I sewed in back to front, they too had to be resewn!  From there it was easier, but I have to admit to being bored the entire time I stitched the lining.  Not only is it now my third time round this bodice but after the last layer, this was just too easy - I missed the challenge and sense of excitement that I'd felt.  I pressed all the seams and then put the boning in it's casing.  I was rather pleased that, post corset, I automatically ordered casing - the instructions called for handmade casings from the lining fabric, which have been very time consuming.  I then basted the boning to each dart and the following three seams.  It took an age and I have my numb "corset fingers" back again!  There is puckering at the front of the bodice, Miss G has very fine bosoms which sit far more to the front than mine; I know that the jacket will fit me there, better than it does Miss G.

Next I sewed the sleeve and lining; attached them at the cuff and turned them inside out.  I fit the sleeve into the armhole, easing in at the top with a light gather.  I have the second sleeve to do and the lining to sew in, but before that I have decided to add a a gather to the neckline and I want to sew it in with the lining.  I am also toying with the collar, I'm not sure I like it.  I have made it but I don't think it will end up on the finished garment.

The photos are of a mockup of the the gather (made from the skirts twill).  I've tried to avoid taking pictures of the jacket today, the camera flash picks up all sorts of details that you don't see in natural light, not all of which are complementary!

I'll admit to being disappointed at not finishing, but I've done well and I made a darn fine dinner in the process.  Not only did the boyf eat his mini-pot, he ate half the big pot too and has started on the vegan brownies: I think I can call that a success!
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