Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Finishing the 1882 Dinner Jacket

It's done!  All bar the buttons that is... but it's done!  I have one Victorian Dinner Jacket!!

I had a morning off today so decided to get the lining in; I have had a bad time with bagged linings in the past, so I was nervous, but the canvas interlining once again helped by maintaining the shape of the garment far better than usual.  The lining was pinned, right side to right side and then I sewed it in sections, the tails and bottom edge first, the centre edge and neckline second. 

I trimmed all the edges and any long threads and then it was time to turn it inside out.  The instructions are to turn it through the armhole, with all the interlining and boning I couldn't see how this would be possible.  I was expecting a nightmare.

One armhole, ready to turn inside out.
Half turned.
Almost done.
 I was so nervous I changed into my comfy sewing clothes before I started the turnout, but in the end it was all too easy.  The Truly Victorian patterns require a certain amount of faith at times, but they know exactly what they're doing.  They are challenging and inspiring, I am already browsing for my next pattern.

And here it is, on and off Miss G and with apologies for my lovely PJs!

Obviously I need closures and buttons, and maybe some more detailing, but I have a jacket!  It fits like a glove, it is impossibly comfortable and I am very pleased with myself tonight ;o)
I am also tempted to make a tail-less version for those non-Victorian days.
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