Sunday, 16 October 2011

RIP Dexter

Dexter's joined his brother in the sky; giving someone else the chance to share the same love and joy that they gave to us here.

No matter the size of a creature, sometimes they can truly surprise you with the depth of their soul.  Dexter's brother Gizzy was a character from the first day he came home.  The only guinea I know with a dobe for a best friend!  He died in his sleep a year or so ago and left us with his shadow, Dexter.  We brought Dexter indoors, into the 10yr old's room.  He wasn't happy at first, but over the last year has come into his own and I hope, in the end, thanked us for the intrusion.  Although not such a fan of the dobe's attentions he would let her say hello, he found a friend in Rascal and he would tolerate both inquisitive children and the noisy hamster!  He has, like his brother, craved a place in our hearts.  We were so very lucky, I truly loved my boys.

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